Samu's values


Edible insects offer us a vibrant world of tastes. We at Samu aim to respect these tastes in all their colours and richness.


We want to challenge you, entertain you and delight you. Insects are unique in every way and we want all our Samu products to reflect this spirit.


Insects are a highly ecological protein source. Using insects in diverse ways as food or feed instead of beef or even fish saves natural resources. But at Samu we don't want to stop there. This is why we always strive for responsibility throughout our whole production chain, starting from our ingredient suppliers all the way to our customers.


Samu cooks social food! Our products are perfect to be enjoyed with your best friends over a big table. But don't worry, we won't blame you for keeping these treats to yourself!

CEQ quality standard

Certified_Entocube_Quality_FINAL copy.jpg

In some of our Samu products you can see a CEQ certification label. CEQ is our own EntoCube quality standard certification method. The letters CEQ stand for Certified EntoCube Quality and the certification is awarded only to cricket products that fulfil the below requirements:

  • Crickets are fed with EntoCube cricket feed, consisting of primarily Finnish grains and vegetables. No imported soy is used.
  • The EntoCube cricket farming network farmer is treated with respect and sufficiently compensated for their valuable work
  • The cricket farms, facilities and methods are approved by the Finnish Food and Safety authority Evira.